Corporate Social Responsibility

On the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, President Xi Jinping pointed out that priority should be given to education so as to speed up the modernization and develop education that satisfies people’s needs. According to the 2018 Government Report, the Ministry of Education is about to take the lead to develop fair and quality education to assists targeted poverty alleviation and push forward comprehensive development in rural areas.
China Hi-Tech Group follows the direction of national educational development and actively responds to the call of local government. With strong sense of social responsibility, the group actively contributes to public welfare, promotes educational development and teachers’quality in poverty-stricken areas, and cares for mental health education of children in mountain areas. Last but not least, it leverages its resources and capabilities to support pushing forward poverty alleviation through educational development and equal access to education, aiming to establish a “learning society” that benefits all people.